Making Memories Heading into 2015


NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201423

(The decor was less than Pinterest-y, but fit the occasion oh so well)

Every once in a while we decide to stop, rest and enjoy one another. This New Year’s Eve was one of those times.

The ingredients for our party this year? Good food, Laughter and Blessing for a New Year.


The puzzle for this year was from a painting A- & I studied. It proved to be challenging.

And when we got done? One piece missing! Eek!

NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201406

Preparations underway for the Parents vs. Boys vs. Girls Minute to Win It Games

Each team competed in each Minute to Win it challenge with an elaborate point system determining the lead team.

The competition was fierce.




Pink Elephant was a bit of challenge!

NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201418

Nose Dive

NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201420

Yank Me! was difficult at first but then they learned the trick…

& the one that made us laugh the most?

Mad Dog

(See who becomes the true Mad Dog by watching on YouTube)

& when all was tallied up?

NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201422

The boys won. Parents weren’t even close!

NYEMinute to Win It12.31.201426

Settling down with ice cream and Elf waiting for the new year.


May 2015 be filled with amazing truths that lead us to a deeper understanding of who our Creator is and who we are created to be.

We stand eager to see what He will do!

A Whirlwind Tour of the GA Mountains



Packed up and we’re ready to head out for a day


But first the much anticipated Homewood Suites breakfast filled our stomachs before we headed into the mountains.

First Stop?


A hike to see two of the waterfalls at Desoto Falls Recreation Area


when you are on a trip with Mom, you’ll probably hike. (-M-’s observation with a sigh.)

We scrounged through all our change to pull together the $3 for the parking fees &

squeezed the change through the slot, then we headed out.


The first waterfall


& since that was a short hike, we headed into the second waterfall. It was an incredible day for a hike.

& look at A-’s choice of hiking shoes …


On the way into the forest we spotted this little cafe.


& had our first taste of Green Fried Tomatoes. A- & M- were not impressed,

but who could not love something fried? K&I thought they were quite tasty.


Our next stop added to the pain of the Fried Green Tomato experience for this boy,


brought back childhood memories for this girl,


& was just plain fun for this one.


Where in Georgia could you experience the birth of a cabbage patch doll from its mother cabbage?

Why, Babyland General Hospital, of course?


This has to be the oddest attraction around. K&I laughed a lot. M- moaned and A- searched for something she could buy. Beyond experiencing the birth, we got to see some Andy Warhol originals & look into an abundance of big eyes of dolls with arms outstretched begging us to take them home.

When we had enough of that we moved on to the crowded streets of Dahlonega and Gold Rush Days


Where we saw a bit of the town with the distinction of the first major United States Gold Rush.


Cross Cut Saw Competition.


Long Bathroom Lines.


& Plenty of Shopping.


M- is carrying a “bathroom bag” identical to the one I grew up with. These stores were definitely a trip down memory lane.


By evening time we wearily made our way out of the mountains,

used our smart phone to find a yummy local pizza place & called out for pizza,

then settled in for a night of watching an “antique” movie we picked up, Disney’s Song of the South.

Definitely a great day exploring a piece of our state’s history, culture, land & food.

Off to See A Bit of Georgia


Half the family was heading on a youth retreat and some of us were itching to go on an adventure as well. After thorough research, it was decided to stay close at home, yet explore places that have been on our “some day” list.

Seeing Georgia

We packed up in the morning and drove north.

First stop? Sky Zone – a land of trampolines. We signed up for 1/2 hour of jumping. My goal was to make it alive. The first thing M- said was, “Mom! You’re JUMPING?!!!” I surprised them, yet never mastered jumping between trampolines. I was fine jumping on my little square monitoring K, M & L leaping from place to place, seat dropping and adventuring to the sides to bounce off the trampoline walls.

Fully in need of showers we checked in early to our hotel and made a plan for the afternoon. Our next goal was to use a coupon at Bass Pro Shop Atlanta to replace M-’s broken fishing pole. We had no idea what a playground the store is there. An aquarium (small but fun to watch the river fish), photo ops galore, a shooting range … we were a bit distracted from our goal and spent quite a bit of time wandering.

Seeing Georgia-02

After stuffing ourselves at dinner, we found this little park and took a walk.

What more could we stuff into our day? Well a trip to Goodwill where we left loaded with treasures including more books to pile on my nightstand. Some day I’ll have time to read them! And M- & A- settled into bed to watch a promised movie. They said this treat was the highlight of the day!

Roman Architecture


Roman Arches

Science switched from the 5 senses to Roman Architecture for the week.
First we determined the strength of a bridge without support and then with the support of an arch.
Which do you think held more pennies/soldiers?
Roman Arches-02
Then onto the arch that funds Jello pudding.
Fifteen boxes shaped into wedges form a round arch complete with keystone.
It’s a balancing act, but a fun one.
Anyone want to join us for a pudding eating marathon?

No More Braces!


no more braces!
The wait is over!
no more braces! -02
Let’s Celebrate!

Go Strikers!


E- continues playing on the town rec program and is loving it.
A- is very creative in the art of entertaining herself while at sibling functions.
I didn’t believe them when they told me there was a rainbow on this sunny day,
but there it was!

Playing Local



Support Local Music!

So What Do You Do at Atlanta Botanical Gardens?



Here’s what we might do …


admire a few scarecrows …
take a few photos …
enjoy the beauty …
learn about cotton …
did you know there was a brown variety?
play just a bit …
just maybe do a little bit of parkour …
and find a few places to pose for a photo.
So what would you do for an afternoon at the Gardens?



We are off to see a puppet show!


A Center for Puppetry Arts advertisement for Peter & the Wolf showed up in my email box one day and we began to research. The Frisch Marionettes from Ohio mesmerized us from the beginning as we watched their work on Youtube. And once we were at the Center for Puppetry Arts, the live performance did not disappoint. Kevin Frisch, prior to the play, introduced the art of making a marionette come alive. He had us believing his little wooden puppet had a soul! Next he explained the art behind the show in making the puppets and the set. Just this part of the show was enough to justify the price of the ticket. What fun!

Center -02

Included with the price of the ticket is a tour of the museum & puppet making workshop.
Our frog puppets were quite creative embellishments of the sample.
10.12.2012Center for Puppetry Arts16

Fall Means Football


We don’t have anyone playing football, but thanks to the kids’ friends we’ve enjoyed some exciting games this season.